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Global Orphan Outreach’s mission is to demonstrate the love of Jesus through advocating and supporting the outreach of Orphans, African Kinship Care, and Families of Adoption by means of personal service, building relationships, increasing awareness of opportunities, and promoting the collaboration of resources, both locally and worldwide.

Welcome to Global Orphan Outreach. We realize that no individual, organization, group, or country can attempt to handle the vast needs of orphan children and families in need by themselves. We are excited to be able to work together by partnering with others, all working collectively towards the same goals of alleviating some of the issues. We are teaming together to empower, encourage, partner, and bring hope to families in need in Africa through various proven projects and programs. We encourage you to be a part of our mission outreach team by becoming involved by sharing your time, talents and resources with those in need through Global Orphan Outreach.

Global Orphan Outreach operates as the umbrella organization for its projects and programs that are carried out successfully within the organization.

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